Our Campus ‘Sribna Kosytsia’

Our Campus ‘Sribna Kosytsia’

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In the remote corner of the Verkhovyna Carpathians, in the protected gorge of the Bystrets River, amidst lush greenery of firmer slopes and unusual relief of mountain ranges, is situated the village of Bistrets. Bistrets, which stretches a few Hutsul lodges ten kilometers deep into the Carpathian Reserve.

At the foot of the cozy little Kosarishche ridge, along with two ponds that are constantly replenished from several sources of crystal clear water, is our base, which is:

  • a launching pad for multi-day hikes,
  • the first civilized point after complex tourist routes,
  • the shelter of children’s study groups,
  • as well as a destination for nature-thirsty romantics.

Road from Vorokhta – Verkhovyna highway, → from the village Iltsi turns right to → s. Krasnitsa, running along → Cherny Cheremosh River, becomes narrower and more like a horse trail.

2 kilometers from the last huts with. Krasnyk, on the right side of the river Chernyi Cheremosh → flows into the river Bystrets. → Another 4 km to the base. A dirt road.

Main landmarks:

two-storey school, →
village council, →
shop →
chapel →
After the chapel another 300 meters and → a small town on the left bank of the river Bystrets, where the main stream flows into the river.

The base is located at an altitude of 800 m above sea level. The village stretches along the river for more than 8 kilometers. In some places, the houses are located one kilometer apart and 200 meters above the river.

Getting to the base
From the Kiev bus station with a comfortable bus to Verkhovyna village. Then take a local bus to the village of Dzembronia (departure at 17.00) with the departure point in the village. Bystrets or, 4 km. to the base, near the mouth of the river Bystrets.
From the hall. train station. Ivano-Frankivsk bus to Verkhovyna village, see below. 1.
Minibus rental from Ivano-Frankivsk.

For orders for individual or collective holidays, call + 38 050-357-88-72 or +38 067-783-73-58.

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