Legend of Siluna and Carp

Legend of Siluna and Carp

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The old Pradavni watches, if the people of Veleti lived on our land, they used their heads to hmar, there was a great rivnina on the side of my heart, it was written in pieces and cleaned with pure blue sweats. Volodymyr boulevard Silun, yaky mav bezlіch rіzno ї thinness and kindness, is alive at the magnificent palace of great marmur і sleeping in the golden kolitstsi, sent by expensive kilims From time to night to a servant. However, no one had ever dreamed of leaving the volodya gazdi ta yti to the new robots. In the service of thirteen thirteen rokіv і one boy on his name Karpo-Dniprovsky, more priyshov in the shots of shlmatka from the shore of Dnipro. Usi the servants of the second duo loved for pratice, fairness and fairness. If Karpov had fallen twenty rocks, turned his way round. Vvazhayuchi, just for the important days of your life, you’ve got a lot of money from a volunteer and that you’ll get his service, and you should learn to talk about the Silun. І axis, one night, if that bypassing its gazdivstvo, Karpo th dared to rozhmu:

– Dovgo you, I have served honestly and viddano. Now May Namir turn to the central house and hot bi to pay for his service.

Xilun thought, scho servant Zhartuарт, aja nіhto no other way so didn’t say it.
Ale Karpo repeated his words. І tse not on zhart rozlutilo Siluna, і ін saying:

“I know where my servants go and walk.” І ti vіd mene nikudi not pіdesh.

If there is a lad and rubbing in and repeating his wimogu, sco bulo, at the duke of the ruler, with the most ancient wakefulness, I’m not trying to do anything, Xilun, winking:

– Tіlki pіd land you vidpuschu!

І, having shove Karp with his hands, hitting him against the ground, a pit was already established. When the couple was on their feet, they didn’t become anything else, they lost their pressure on the ground, having hunted Silun and struck them on the ground, she rozkololas that sparked a gazy gazdu. I didn’t scoop up that vibrating on the surface (beating head with their fists on the earth’s crust, squeezing her shoulder with her hands, digging with her legs), the earth did not fall. But then, endeavoring the colony volodar on the other recent ryvnіn pesters, set off like a hump. I ч more powerful strikes with the land of Xilun, with the virostal of the mountains. It seems that the donation of the earth is alive under the earth, ale duzhey old people and not makishlyi ї forced, the duo duds, but not having trapped on the surface. And the people in the honor of Karp called burn, scho fasted, the Carpathians.

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